Paddling with Pups!
"The sport of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) originated in Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing. It is unlike traditional surfing as the Paddler actually stands up on the board and uses a paddle to propel themselves through the water.
In recent years it has become one of the fastest growing water sports.
There are many styles of stand up paddle boarding. Variations include, paddling for fitness, racing, yoga, flat water, and surfing ocean waves.
My love for stand up paddle boarding began  around the summer of 2013. I love the physicality of the work out, the being out in nature, and the icing on the cake is being able to bring my dogs with me. I have discovered they enjoy it nearly as much as I do.
During the winter of 2017, I taught my first Paddling with Pups class.  As a physical therapist utilizing my skills and understanding of biomechanics, I am able to help instruct new paddlers on ways to avoid injury and to paddle most efficiently. In the class, we discuss equipment, techniques and perform practical skills. We also spend time helping the dogs become comfortable on the boards.
The greatest reward has been to see my students go on and purchase their own boards and get out on the lakes and waterways with their dogs and having a fantastic time!"

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