Pawsitive Performance
Services and Goals

All services are upon Veterinary Referral and Prescription
(see downloadable forms)

Referral  and Collaboration with your Veterinarian-for the following:
Gait evaluations
  • Range of Motion and Joint Biomechanics Assessment
  • Balance and Proprioception testing
  • Home exercise programs are developed for that "one-on-one" work that only the owner can offer at home
  • Modalities:  Laser; InfraRed Light therapy; Ultrasound;Electrical Stimulation; Hot & Cold therapy
  • Cart Fittings
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Costs: $75 for an Initial Eval and $50 for Follow ups
 Payments are to be made to the Veterinary Facility or referring DVM.
Reports are sent promptly to your referring Veterinarian.

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